Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coin Boxes and Rolls Released

by US Coins Today on April 6, 2012

in Presidential Dollars


Boxes and rolls of the Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coins are now available from the United States Mint. These strikes are the first to appear in 2012 as part of the Presidential $1 Coin Program which dates back to 2007.

They are also the first in the series to be issued by the US Mint solely for numismatic purposes. Previous releases were struck for circulation and made available from local banking institutions through the Federal Reserve system.

However, late in 2011, the Treasury Department ordered a halt to circulating production. This came in response to reported stockpiles of previous releases in Federal Reserve vaults.

With the suspension in place, the US Mint has added boxes of Presidential $1 Coins to its portfolio in an attempt to satisfy collector demand. These new boxes are available in 250 or 500 coin sizes.

The Chester Arthur Presidential $1 250-Coin Box is available for $275.95 with the 500-coin option being offered for $550.95. Buyers have the choice of a box containing circulation quality strikes from the US Mint's facility in Philadelphia or the US Mint's facility in Denver.

Rolls of Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coins are being sold for $32.95. These contain the buyer's choice of 25 circulating quality coins from the Philadelphia facility or 25 from the Denver facility.

Orders may be placed by using the United States Mint website at or by calling the toll free number 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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