2012 Eagle Silver Proof Coin Release Date and Pricing

by US Coins Staff on March 21, 2012

in Silver Coins

2012-W American Eagle Silver Proof Coin

A newly provided release date and associated pricing for the 2012-W American Eagle Silver Proof Coin cannot not be taken straight to the bank, but the details offer at least close expectations.

The United States Mint has published a release date of Thursday April 12, 2012 at 12:00 Noon (ET) and listed a price of $59.95 for the proof coin which enters its 26th year of issue. This year's American Eagle Silver coin will not have any household order limits, according to preliminary details, and its mintage will be largely controlled by how many of them collectors want.

The 2012 Eagle Silver Proof Coin ended with sales of 950,000. Of that number, 850,000 were sold individually and the other 100,000 were delivered with orders of the 25th Anniversary Set.

Because its announced release date is already very close -- a bit more than three weeks away, it would seem very unlikely that the launch will not happen on the 12th. Its pricing probably has a better chance of changing since the coin's composition has one ounce of 99.9% fine silver. Should silver prices plunge or soar significantly, the coin's price will change. That happened with last year's proof coin. It was released at $59.95, later went above $68 and then was adjusted a bit below $59 before selling out.

Bullion American Eagles were released on January 3. These are sold through precious metals providers and dealers. There is no updated news as to when the other annual issue, the 2012-W American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin from West Point, will be issued. Last year's coin is still available for purchase through the United States Mint. There was also talk of a 2012-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle from San Francisco for this year, but no revelations on that are available as of this writing.

When it is released, the 2012 Eagle Silver Proof Coin may be purchased by calling 1-800-USA-MINT or by using the United States Mint's online store found at http://catalog.usmint.gov.

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