Braille Education Set

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The United States Mint's release of the Braille Education Set marked the first time it had created and issued product packaging that included genuine Braille text.

The packaging is appropriate when considering that the uncirculated Braille Silver Dollar included within the set is the first US coin to bear readable Braille.

The Braille Education Set and commemorative coin honor the bicentennial birth of Louis Braille, inventor of the Braille system for reading and writing by the blind and visually impaired. An educational and historical snapshot of his life is provided within the tri-fold "booklet" or packaging surrounding the uncirculated silver dollar.

As for the coin itself, it is struck on specially burnished blanks, and features a soft satin finish. The obverse or heads side bears a portrait of Louis Braille. The reverse depicts a child reading a book in Braille with the word BRAILLE (abbreviated BRL in Braille code) above him. The word INDEPENDENCE is featured on a bookshelf behind the child.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) receives $10 for each Bicentennial Braille coin sale in order to further its programs to promote Braille literacy.

Set Specifications & Information

Mint Facility: Philadelphia
Face Value: $1
Date: 2009
Condition: Uncirculated

90% Silver, 10% Copper

Standard Weight: 26.730 g
Standard Diameter: 1.500 inches or 38.10 mm
Edge: Reeded
Authorizing Law: Public Law 109-247
Obverse Design: Joel Iskowitz; Phebe Hemphill
Reverse Design: Susan Gamble; Joseph Menna

Product Availability

Release Date: October 8, 2009
Release Price:


Mintage Limits: 25,000
Order Limits: Removed October 21, 2009
Sales: See US Mint Sales Figures
US Mint Sale End Date: December 11, 2009; 5:00 PM ET
Sold In: By Itself
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